DR TOM WHITE:  Psychologist/Psychotherapist Data Sheet

Recent Professional Experience

Psychologist Registration

Beginning Background
Selected as one of seven senior managers from a staff of 24,000 and trained by Rogerian Therapists in person/client centred therapy and group centred facilitation--training included an intense three-week residential.  Engaged in facilitating groups of 20 managers as part of a leadership program that included 4 one week residentials as part of a two year of supervised practical experience.
Values: Listening, confidentiality, trust, treating people with respect.

Tertiary Education

Psychotherapy Training & Accreditation
Summary:  Educated and trained in 19 psychotherapies:
Gestalt Therapy, Moreno's Psychodrama, Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Voice Dialogue, Client-Centred Therapy, Art Therapy, Palliative Care (Death & Dying & Grieving Therapy), Music Therapy, Breathing Therapy, Dance Therapy, Dream Therapy, Reality Therapy, Relaxation Training, Systematic Desensitisation, Role-Acting Therapy, Self-Therapy, Systematic Desensitisation, Writing Therapy, Story Therapy, Anger Therapy and Survey-Feedback with Therapy and Coaching.


Other Professional Psychotherapy Experience

Organisational Interventions

Individual Practice

Counselling Educator & Trainer

Psychologist Affiliation