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Tom White, Director, ChangeLinkDR TOM WHITE
Director, ChangeLink

Over 25 years of change leadership, coaching and consulting experience.

Tertiary background includes psychology, business, accounting, and law. Leadership background includes Senior Executive, Executive, Manager, Consultant, Project Manager/Director, Program Director, and Executive Coach across all industry clusters, i.e. telecommunications, banking, finance, manufacturing, IT, consulting, public sector, entertainment and medicine.


Registered Psychologist (annual renewal to 30/11/2014), Psychology Board of Australia Member Australian Psychological Society (MAPS), 25 years

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Compaq Computers
Ian Penman
Managing Director Australia/NZ
Working for myself and John Hannelly, Tom made a significant contribution to the cultural integration of Compaq and Digital Equipment following Compaq’s acquistion of Digital Equipment. His holistic approach helped create clear measurable outcomes both culturally and financially. I recommend him to any company facing significant organisational change. I can recall on a number of occasions saying that "his blood was worth bottling".
Digital Equipment
Ron Bunker
CEO Australia/NZ
Compaq's acquisition of Digital Equipment was the largest M&A in the history of IT. Tom provided myself and my executive team with outstanding advice and leadership at time of significant crisis. His contribution led to a very successful strategic, tactical and emotional outcome. For Tom's contribution, I successfully nominated him for the prestigious Digital World-Wide Customer Service Award.
Kerry Holling CIO
Strategic Thinking & Planning
Tom did a brilliant job of supporting me and my top 25 managers with our strategic thinking, planning and actions by collecting data from our key stakeholders, facilitating team and cross team meetings, designing and implementing a very successful two day offsite strategic planning workshop. We rated Tom's overall value add and overall performance at 9.6 out of 10, and Tom's facilitation of the 2 day off-site 9.7 out of 10. I highly recommend him to all executives facing similar challenges.
Luther Poier
Director, Trustee Business
As project director for this very strategic divestiture project, I was extremely successful in completing this project on time, with a maximum return on investment, while over performing across all fronts of the day-to-day business performance. Due to the strategic nature of this six month project, I hired Tom as the project’s consultant-adviser for the duration. Tom’s consulting performance was significantly instrumental to the project’s success. He provided outstanding to enhance my negotiation style, performance and overall outcomes. I recommend him to any company facing a merger and acquisition.
Sheena Jack CFO
Tom did an excellent job for us as our ABC System Project Director. He drove the initiative and led the project team, i.e. project managers and individual contributors, to successfully deliver against specs within a very tight time frame. The responsibilities included overcoming serious challenges and engaging our senior executives and managers.
NSW Transport Rail
Peter Meyer
GM Commercial
Asset Management
Tom came to us highly recommended as the result of a project he completed for RailCorp’s Strategy & Performance Division. Gary Seabury, Asset Management’s Group General Manager and myself decided that Tom was the best Project Manager for a very strategic project assessing the viability of seven Strategic Initiative Projects, very innovative PMO design, and implementation strategy. Tom completed the project within budget, ahead of schedule, and over achieved the project specs. We were so impressed with Tom’s performance that we selected him for the role of the PMO Director.
Merger Project
Pauline Clayton-Fetaui
Communications Executive
Bupa Australia
Tom was outstanding at supporting me and my team to deal with merger iand team performance issues. He was terrific at facilitating an off-site workshiop using the pre-work TMS survey results. Seven of us rated Tom's project work 10 out of 10, Tom's facilitation of key merger issues on one day off-site 10 out of 10.
Zurich Financial Services
Deborah Burt
Director Human Resources
I have been a client of Tom's for almost 12 years. I'm also aware of work he has delivered for other clients. HR people like to compare notes. Based on this experience I believe that Tom is Australia's leading expert in the field of change management.
Compaq Computers
John Hannelly
Director of HR
Compaq and the
new HP Australia/NZ
Compaq Computers acquired Digital Equipment. At the time it was known as the largest acquisition/merger in the history of IT. A significant challenge facing the MD and his team was how to manage the cultural integration of the two companies. Fortunately for Australia I asked Tom White to stay with the new Compaq and work with myself, and our MD, Ian Penman. Tom's first assignment was to project manage the integration of these two great companies. Tom's approach included measurement (pre and post), involvement of the MD and his team, the entire HR team, and a full range of management and non-management people. The strategy was holistic in nature and involved management forums, employee forums, team building, systems and process integration, and learning and development. The measurable outcomes, i.e. attitude and financial performance, was a major success for Australia.
Sydney Symphony
Mary Vallentine AO
I hired Tom in September to work for me as my Director of Human Resources to help the Sydney Symphony through its most significant organisational change since its emergence from the ABC in 1996. The change involved redesigning the organisational structure and changes to the culture. The changes were significant, necessary and challenging. Tom’s creative approach included measurement, communication, forums, team building, coaching and ultimately engaged everyone. The reorganisation of the company has been successful both in terms of attitude and performance. I recommend Tom to any organisation facing large-scale organisational change.
Viventé Australia
Margaret Parkinson
Co-Partner & Director
I write this reference for Dr Tom White with admiration and appreciation of Tom’s experience, skills, insights and personal qualities.  Tom has been a valued mentor for our executive leadership coaches at Viventé Australia since 2005, which has included supporting our professionalism and ethics  as coaches to work through  challenging coaching situations on a one-on-one basis. Further, on a monthly basis up until late last year, Tom has designed and led professional development for us as a group.  We have also been well-supported by the Register of Psychologists that Tom created for those occasions where the need of a client extends away from coaching into the counselling domain.

Tom is uniquely qualified for this role through his extensive experience and studies in both organisational and clinical psychology, organisational change as well as in business.  His approach in consulting, coaching and facilitation is to build strong relationships based on mutual trust as he believes only then can the real value be added.

Through my contact with Tom over many years, I know that he has also added significant value to many successful Australian and off-shore mergers, acquisitions, restructuring, office relocations, culture shifts and shifts in corporate/business direction for small, medium and global corporations.  Tom is a strong process and group facilitator comfortable working with teams at the highest levels within organisations.

From the above, I hope it is evident I hold Dr Tom White in the highest regard as a person and as a professional.


Expertise Companies
Business Performance Crisis Digital Equipment Corporation, Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Transformation Westpac, Digital Equipment, Compaq
Specific Business Issue Optus, CBA, Westpac, Compaq, RailCorp, Zurich
Communication Westpac, Digital Equipment, Compaq, Sydney Symphony Orchestra
Merger & Acquisition Westpac, Compaq, Zurich, RailCorp, ABN AMRO, News Ltd, UTAS/AMC Merger
Office Move/Design Digital Equipment, Compaq, Woods Bagot, KPMG
Culture Shift Vodafone, Westpac, Digital Equipment, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Zurich
Organisation Design Westpac, Digital Equipment, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Theatre Company
Restructure Westpac, Digital Equipment, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, ABN AMRO
Process Improvement Digital  Equipment, Compaq, Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Sydney Theatre Company


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